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Tucked away in our quiet country home our life here flows with the seasons.

SPRING brings forth new growth all around us, we prepare the earth for planting, spring peepers sing their songs, the koi in my water garden awaken from their long slumber.
SUMMER brings our woods and gardens that surround us every shade of green, flowers bursting their colors everywhere, the warm and soothing summer sun gives us energy and life's sustenance, relaxing in my garden teahouse with sun tea, berry picking, moon and star gazing, playing with my Granddaughter in our fairy garden, summer breezes and ending the day with a bit of guitar around the campfire and lulled to sleep by the crickets songs.
FALL in our home is the season of the Gathering. Harvesting our crops, game and seeds, orchard picking, gathering in the kitchen and pantry canning, baking and freezing, prepare the earth for it's long winter slumber, a time to collect my wind chimes and garden art and bring them to safety, awaiting the glorious arrival of the Harvest and Hunters' moons, as they greet me and envelop the night sky. Autumn to me is a Season of Celebration, as we gather together at tables with family and friends. Grateful and Thankful for them and for natures bounty.
WINTER brings cozy quiet time around the fireplace, a hot cup of tea, a good book, warm stews and soups, organizing my studio, writing in my journal of inspirations for the coming of the next Spring in our quiet country home, preparing to start the circle of life yet again.

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About The Artist

"The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration".....

....Claude Monet

Hello ~ My name is Julie DeGroot, glass artisan & sole curator of Jewels In The Garden

My stained glass art is individually designed and handcrafted by myself. Each piece is totally unique and a one of a kind. My handmade creations reflect my life experiences, my passions, my emotions, and the worlds that inhabit my imagination.

I live in beautiful New York, along side my husband of 33 years. Tucked away and nestled in the woods surrounded by nature in our quiet country home that we literally built together from the ground up. Here our life together flows with the seasons. It is here that I've been enjoying and creating my stained glass art for over 25 years now.

I am self taught in mosaic designs and mural paintings. If I'm not in my glass studio you will find me sculpting the earth into my gardens.

I love spending time outdoors and would have to say most of my inspirations spring forth from my gardens and the woods that surround me. Nature always sings to me.

Sometimes just the color or texture of a piece of glass inspires me. Love a good treasure hunt at a flea market. Finding vintage glass or items to upcycle into my pieces. Love working with copper, beads and glass crystals for embellishments.

I seem to be always creating things, if not with my hands, then in my mind.

Always thinking of and creating new ways to display glass in my home and my gardens.

This is how my Floating Mosaics came to be, I've created a totally unique art form to enhance your water garden with Floating Glass Mosaic Sculptures.

They look incredible floating in the pond, water garden, birdbath, even in a decorative bowl of water with floating flowers and candles for a tabletop centerpiece or simply to display them somewhere outdoors or indoors.



~ Thank you for your interest in my art ~

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